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Monday, December 5, 2016

A Christmas Carol Vocabulary

  1. adamant- inflexible, immovable, obstinate
  2. avarice- greed for wealth
  3. baleful- destructive, deadly
  4. beguile- to deceive, mislead, or persuade with charm
  5. benevolence- kindness, generosity, charity
  6. corroboration- confirmation
  7. despondency- depression, dejection
  8. destitution- state of being extremely poor
  9. entreaty- a plea
  10. incessant- uninterrupted or continuous
  11. indignation-  anger as a result of something unjust
  12. loathe- to detest, hate
  13. misanthrope- one who does not like others
  14. obscure- difficult to see, vague
  15. opaque- not allowing the passage of light, not transparent
  16. opulence- wealth, abundance
  17. seethe- to boil, to be agitated
  18. sordid- filthy, foul 
  19. tacit- understood, silent, not spoken
  20. venerate- to honor, to revere